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Gusto Gear Grand Opening

Posted by Katherine Weaver on

Hi Everyone! Thanks for visiting. Just officially opened Gusto Gear by launching its first ad. First 100 customers are getting a whopping 50% off! Coupon code: FIRST100. If you're one of those first 100, thank you so much for giving Gusto Gear a try. I appreciate you. 

Everyone else, I appreciate you too. Thanks for browsing. The website is a work-in-progress. It needs a new theme to support multiple products for each design. Sorry for the inconvenience. I also find it annoying, but I still want to offer multiple products on each design. To simplify browsing (for now) I've exposed the tags I use for sorting the products.

Let me know any suggestions you have; could be for the website, for designs, for the Gusto Gear blog, or anything else. If you like any of our products or posts, please spread the word and share it with a friend. Thanks.