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I hope I don't kick someone in the face

Posted by Katherine Weaver on

I signed up for my first triathlon today. I grew up riding my bike every day and swimming in Lake Erie all summer. I don't suppose that will help me much for the race, but I enjoyed those things about my childhood. I got my first road bike last July (2018) after not having a bike at all for maybe 6 years (the last one was stolen). I immediately had a desire to put it to use by signing up for a teeny-tiny triathlon. I've only taken one long ride on it and my butt hurt so bad after it hurt to sit. I was worried I needed a new seat or worse, that my body is no longer able to ride a bike. I've since been reassured by other cyclists that it will just take a few weeks of regular use for my body to acclimate. I hope this is true, and I'll report back on it later.

I set and broke several personal records in 2018, and with spring on the way I want a new challenge that is different than just increasing my running miles. I was recently visiting with an athletic and involved friend who I rarely see, and while enjoying her new swim spa I suddenly begged her, "I wanna do a triathlon," as if she somehow holds the keys to all races and I needed her approval to be allowed to go. I know I was actually just seeking advice, encouragement, and hopefully partnership, but the statement came with a spoken or unspoken "please, please, pleeease!" She kindly invited me to one she has already committed to do this summer. 

Most of my running success was actually in the last 4 months of the year. So now when deciding my distance for the triathlon I chose the Sprint (0.45 mi swim+12.1 mi Bike+3.1 mile run) which will definitely put me to the test. I decided to sign up like 2 weeks ago, but I was suddenly so nervous while clicking through the registration that I got all jittery. "Why are you so scared?" I asked myself. I'm afraid of training really hard and then missing the race because it starts at 7am. I'm afraid of the swim part. Why? Because I have to practice swimming which means I have to go to a public pool to swim at least once a week for the next 4 months. What if someone kicks me in the face during the race? Or worse, what if I kick someone else in the face? But what about actually scary things like injury? Nah, seems unlikely. Are you afraid you won't finish? Nah, I'll either finish it or I won't.

So, I guess the scariest part is training out of my comfort zone. Comfort kills.