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Keep pushing yourself and change will happen

Posted by Katherine Weaver on

Last year, January 2, 2018, I weighed myself for a "biggest loser" contest at work. I wrote down my weight and the date in a note on my phone. 181 Lbs (I'm about 5'10"). I didn't take much action on losing weight for the contest. But come February I made a decision to start running every other day no matter what. I asked for support from my spouse to watch our daughter while I do this and I picked a 2 mile loop. At first I couldn't run a single mile. I walked most of the way. Over time I could run more and more of my 2 mile loop. 

Unrelated, I organized a family reunion north of Asheville, NC (shout out to Nu Wray Inn). My cousin Nettie Johnson runs a lot and I made plans to run with her during our trip. IIRC, she was running 9 miles for her long day. The first day I ran with her we basically ran in the blazing sun straight up a hill till we got into some switchbacks and thought we were going to get smeared. Then we ran back down. I think it was about 1 mile up and 1 back. I had to walk a bunch since I'm not used to hills. A fireman randomly gave us ice cold water bottles on our way back and I dumped half of it on my head. That was one of the most amazing/shocking feelings I think I've ever had. 

The next day she went for her long run and I was like, "no way am I running today." And she's all, "text me if you change your mind, I'll be running for a while, I'll come back and get you." I lounged around in my pajamas and had some coffee and socialized. I kept looking outside; it was overcast and misty. That's some of my favorite weather and the best for running. I realized I would regret it if I didn't go, so I texted Nettie and got my running clothes on. We picked a flatter route and I ended up running 4 miles with her (with walking). This changed my opinion about how far I can go. When I got home I changed my loop to a 5 mile loop. Still mostly walking; it would take me almost 1.5 hrs to finish. Eventually, one day, without expecting it, I could run the whole thing without walking. Shortly after that I could run 6 miles without walking, and felt I could keep going.

I logged my weight July 15, 2018: 168 lb
And again today, February 21, 2019: 158 lb

December 1, 2018, I ran a timed 5k and set a personal record of 34:06.

Keep pushing yourself and change will happen.