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Triathlon Training Started Today

Posted by Katherine Weaver on

So, I signed up for a Triathlon. I've only biked and swam for fun in the past. While both are good exercise, I've never done either as exercise. I'm definitely not at a competitive level, but I will be adding biking and swimming to my exercise routine to make sure that I complete the triathlon without dying. To facilitate not-dying, I developed a training plan that will ensure I'm prepared on race day. And by "I developed" I mean that I pick a plan someone else developed, and by "a" I mean two.

I signed up with a little more than 20 weeks until the race. This gave me time to find a program to follow and a place to swim. I decided to use two eight-week programs back-to-back. These are the Hal Higdon Triathlon 1 and the Hal Higdon Triathlon 2. Today marks the beginning of my training with 16 weeks till the race.

Earlier today I went out, pumped up my tires and went on my first exercising bike ride... ever. It was pretty tough actually. I haven't biked in a long time, and my goal was to keep pedaling the whole time. I wasn't brave enough to keep pedaling down hill, it felt too fast. But otherwise I kept pedaling except around a few turns and when I stood slightly to go over rough bumps. It was a good workout. 

Wednesday will mark my first ever swim for exercise. I shopped around considering prices, opportunity for other activities, and location. I checked the local city pools, LA Fitness, a local swim club, The Y, and finally discovered my city has a community center that beats them all on price, location, and opportunity! They have a full workout gym, a gymnasium with two basketball courts, four swim lanes, a 12 person hot tub, a kids swim area with zero depth entry, a lazy river, a twisty waterslide (all indoor), a playground, fitness classes, a daycare, kids classes for different sports and activities, a tiny indoor track, and activities for seniors, and the price is cheaper than a summer membership to the city pools! This place is a hidden gem. Check to see if your city has a community center. Seriously, go check. I had no idea it existed. 

On another note, my LifeK gear came today! LifeK is a fitness and wellbeing movement with the goal of inspiring people of all ages and physical ability to take steps toward embracing a lifestyle of good nutrition, fitness, and mental health. I stand for all that, and I'm looking forward to showing my support for everyone who wants to get started, and my own lifelong journey to better health!

Assorted LifeK branded shirts, neck gaiters, wristbands, headbands, and magnets.