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Yesterday's Run: (Emotional) Ups and (Physical) Downs

Posted by Katherine Weaver on

It was sunny and 48 F outside. I've been missing a lot of runs lately, and I wasn't going to let this one get away from me. I saw it was almost too late for me to run, I dropped everything, changed, did a 2 minute joint loosening warm up, and got outside. It wasn't too hot or too cold. It smelled nice. I felt good. I felt like I was keeping a decent pace, I was working on my posture, my lean, breathing through my nose as much as possible, belly breathing, and using my breath relax and control my heart rate.

I don't know if everyone else was feeling as good as I was or if I look more runnerly than I used to or if I run the same loop enough that some people now recognize me, but I got two waves from other runners (both genders). I've given and received nods before, I mean, this is the Midwest after all, but never waves. At the farthest point of the run, I suddenly got a severe case of the tummies. It felt like 2 pounds of waste moved from my small intestine to my colon in about 5 seconds. It was nauseating, painful, and slightly concerning. I stopped running till the feeling subsided, then started running again thinking about a strategy for what I might do if I actually did have a bathroom emergency (I'll save you the suspense, I didn't).

The same bathroom-emergency feeling came back two more times in the following mile or so, but this didn't ruin my joy for being outside on such a beautiful day. I was still feeling so good about getting waves from other runners that I decided to give one to the next runner I saw. I was cruising downhill and he was hustling uphill and I gave a little wave. He smiled, waved, perked up, and got a lighter look to his run. I was feeling pretty good for sharing the good vibes when I came to a T in the bike path where I also realized I had been in the way of a biker coming downhill behind me, so I sped through without looking and realized I hadn't looked to see if I cut off a biker coming from behind me on the new path. I swiveled my head around to check for bikes behind me which caused me to veer off the the path, my foot fell half off the edge and buckled under me with a pop and I crumpled to the asphalt. Skinned my palm in three bloody patches and my knee and twisted my ankle. I sprayed the bloody hand off with my water bottle and took a careful approach to walking on the foot. It was injured, but not enough to stop me from intermittently jogging home. The whole way home I remained thankful that the fall wasn't that bad. It could have been so much worse.

The ankle swelled up and hurt really bad over night, keeping me up part of the night, but come morning I had full range of motion back, and it is only tender in a couple spots. I'll take a few days off and do some ankle exercises. All in all spring is beautiful, I'm thankful for my health, and I'm going to start waving to other runners more often.