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Ultralight Trekking Poles

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 Trekking poles are foundational to many hikers. They can relieve the strain on your back and legs. A study showed that the use of “ski poles” while walking reduces the pressure strain on the opposite leg by approximately 20% [Dr. G. Neureuther in 1981].

Poles can help you balance while climbing steep rocks, crossing streams, or stepping over logs. This becomes even more helpful when carrying a heavy backpack.

Trekking poles can allow you to burn 20-40% more calories by making the hike a more total-body workout.



  • Shaft Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Stick Tip: Carbon Tungsten Steel
  • Joint Number: 4
  • Handle: Straight Grip Handle
  • Handle Material: EVA
  • Length (cm): 110cm or 120cm
  • Estimated delivery time: 2-3 weeks

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